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How it Works

A Rewarding Relationship

Bringing loyal customers and valued merchants together in a unique way.
share the reward

Share the Reward

Customers earn rewards and merchants find marketing to their customers to be easier and less expensive than ever!

Welcome Back Rewards (WBR) is a customer loyalty system that brings customers and merchants together in a unique relationship.

Engage Effectively

Engage Effectively

One of the best marketing tools a merchant can implement is a good direct communication with its customers.

Many merchants have good intentions about maintaining customer records but find that the demands of running their business can sometimes limit the success of keeping a current and effective database.

Grow your Base

Easily grow your primary asset: your list of active customers. Be ready to engage your preferred customers.

Welcome Back Rewards will keep a current database of your customer information and will be ready when you are to communicate with your current preferred customers.

WBR will help you promote, inform, and analyze your customers!
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What we do

Fun + Effective

Increase awareness, inform buyers and engage with confidence!

Rewards Program

Operate your easy to use interface on your device. Your system runs separately from your POS software. No integration is necessary. Just open the online screen, scan and go. WBR will help you create a reward strategy. Interactive Marketing will fulfill all rewards and send them directly to your customer’s home address.

Easily download customer list and transaction reports. Optional birthday mailings and promotional email marketing available. Users can log into their own account to view point & reward balances.

It’s easy! Enroll your customer … activate their card, scan, and add points. Then send a reward!

Gift Cards & Promotional Cards

Using paper certificates? Not anymore. Order customized gift cards from Welcome Back Rewards and run your transactions through our virtual terminal online.  No transaction fees. We design and print your cards.  Debit and recharge cards.

Use your gift cards for promotional opportunities: Add $5 to a series of cards and hand them out at social functions, chamber functions and anywhere there is a potential new customer.

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